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Classes Begin Feb 3rd. 
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"As founder of Seeking Harmony / Maui Centenarian Club, I believe that connection and integration is primal when it comes to longevity. When we become aware that we are a part of the whole, we become more open, sincere, supportive, cooperative and have more interest in life. Sincere connections and a sense of community give us a desire to live, to love, to serve, and to give." Read more

If you want to live long, healthy and happy and want to help others do the same  Please support us 

Tai Chi is proven to be the #1 Exercise for Fall Prevention

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  • Increase Mobility and Flexibility
  • Improve Balance and Muscle Strength
  • Gain more Vitality and Enthusiam for Life
  • Cultivate more Independance as you Age 
  • Keep Internal Organs in Optimal Health 
  • Enjoy Inner Peace and Relieve Tension 
  • Prevent illness and Lower Medical Costs

Tai Chi  and Longevity and Class Features:

Tai Chi and Longevity Class Benefits:

Our Vision


We envision a community where living healthy, active, independent and happy is the norm.

A community where harmony reigns within our bodies, our environment and one another.

Our Goal


To stablish a healing center where people can

achieve physical, mental and emotional harmony through Tai Chi, meditation and life enriching practices.


Seeking Harmony- Friends of Total Health

A non-profit dedicated to helping people achieve Longevity and Well Being.





Our Mission


To provide ongoing activities that will help our community develop self-healing practices to prevent illness, and live longer, healthier, happier lives.

Attend our classes to: 


  • Develop healthy habits that promote wellness
  • Adapt self healing practices to prevent illness
  • Cultivate harmony and a peaceful outlook on life
  • Be an advocate of well being in your community 
  • Get inspired and become an inspiration to others
  • Gain the support of a conscious community of caring individuals






  • Meditation
  • Wu-Style Tai Chi 
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Harmonic Healing Movements
  • Muscle Strengthening Exercises
  • Engaging Group Discussions 
  • Master Alfred Huang's secrets for Longevity