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Words from the Master

First of all, I think, “we are social beings.” Having been a prisoner in Communist China for 13 years I still consider that the harshest punishment of all was the “Isolation Confinement.” Being a social being, being confined alone nearly three years in a tiny cell seeing no one . . . was the cruelest treatment of all.

As founder of Seeking Harmony / Maui Centenarian Club, I believe that connection and integration is primal when it comes to longevity. When we become aware that we are a part of the whole, we become more open, sincere, supportive, cooperative and have more interest in life. Sincere connections and a sense of community give us a desire to live, to love, to serve, and to give.

I consider the human organism to be composed not only of physical elements but also of an energy field.

A person is a whole system. This whole system functions not just on the physical level but also on the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Any human being is internally coordinative and externally interactive.

Health is much more than just the absence of illness. I care for a person’s total wellbeing, which manifests itself in a lifestyle characterized by happiness, freedom from stress and pain, and the enjoyment of life’s fullness.

Above all, health should be protected and cultivated. Don’t cure disease – prevent it.

Prevention of disease is more economical and better than cures.

Seeking Harmony works to cultivate a healthy lifestyle in the people of our community. We want to see each person enjoying an integrated wholeness of self, and a harmonious connectedness with fellow humans and the environment. We promote holistic wellbeing – the wellbeing of body, mind, emotion, and spirit.