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  • Master Alfred Huang's Guidelines for Healthy Living

    From Creating a Better Future by Master Alfred Huang.

    From Creating a Better Future by Master Alfred Huang.

    1. I Take Responsibility for My Own Health

    I accept the reality that we are living longer lives, but long lives are not necessarily healthier ones. Old age does not need to be an unhealthy condition. Most of us are capable of achieving long, healthy lives and enjoying mature

    natural deaths, quick and free from suffering. “It is wise to repair the roof before the rains begin.” I believe that the best way to protect the next generation from unnecessary financial stress is to keep myself happy and to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. If I lose my health, I lose appetite for the happiness of my life. I realize that maintaining my health is a personal duty. Developing a healthy lifestyle will benefit my family, my country, and myself.

    2. I Decide to Live in Harmony with Nature

    I understand that the key to health is simple – live in harmony with the Laws of Nature. I realize that what we do to the land, we do to ourselves. In simple words, we are the Earth and the Earth is us.

    3. Health Starts in the Family, Beginning with Me

    I realize that children do not know how to take care of their own health. They imitate the behavior and lifestyle of their parents. I agree with the idea that the best, most efficient, and most economical way to make my whole family happy is for me to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Following my example, my children will form healthy lifestyle. The best gift I can give my children is my own good health.

    4. I Decide To Change Unhealthy Habits and Behaviors

    I know that most of us are born healthy. Two-thirds of the illness encountered before age 65 are preventable. Health needs to be cultivated, maintained, and protected. Self-destructive habits destroy our natural gifts. If I am involved in a self-destructive behavior, my family will be negatively affected. I decide to stop unhealthy behaviors right now. If I do not practice any of these behaviors but someone in my family does, I want to be very patient and persistent as I influence that person to stop these behaviors, too.

    5. I Give Myself Good Nutrition, Proper Exercise, and Sufficient Rest

    I promote wellness and prevent illness in three ways: good nutrition, proper exercise, and sufficient rest. I understand certain basic concepts of health: that healthy foods gives us energy and unhealthy foods deplete our energy and invite

    illness; that our body has its own marvelous healing power; and that rest is a natural healing process; that proper exercises build up our energy, but improper exercises use it up. Proper exercises have no side effects; improper exercises bring injuries. Proper exercises always coordinate breathing with movements. Proper breathing gives us energy, vitality, and life. I will learn to eat well, exercise my body well and breathe in rhythm with my body. I will resolve to make rest and sleep a priority.

    6. I am Aware of my Thoughts and Attitudes

    I consider the health of the body, the mind, and the spirit. These are inter-related and inter-dependent. A healthy body needs a healthy mind, and a healthy mind needs a healthy spirit. A healthy spirit helps us have a positive attitude. We are what we think, and scientific studies show that over 98 % of our thoughts are negative. A positive attitude and positive thinking give us power; a negative attitude and negative thinking make us powerless. With a positive attitude I can create positive thinking and become the master of my life. My life is more creative and more productive. The world I look at, the things I deal with, and my relationships change; they become positive and hopeful. This is the way to enjoy life.

    7. My Life is a Spiritual Journey

    There are two ways of thinking about who we are: bodies with spirits, or spirits with bodies. Both are right, just different in awareness. If we think, and even believe, that we are spirits with bodies – that is, spiritual persons with physical bodies – then we consider that our lives, good and bad, are a lesson that we must learn, an examination that we have to pass. Spiritual persons are able to forgive; they are all full of love. We all have the potential to love, but love is a learning process. We have to learn how to love and how to be loved. Anger is a terrible negative emotion; it hurts our spirits and damages our bodies. One of the best ways to cultivate love and melt anger is meditation. Through meditation we eliminate our egos and encounter our True Selves. Meditation heals our physical bodies as well as our emotional wounds. Through meditation we cultivate our loving energy to love the whole world, to radiate Light to the whole world, and to nourish the whole world.

    8. I Am part of a Nourishing and Loving Community

    I commit to being part of community where people share the spirit of Aloha. I am dedicated to cultivating and maintaining positive and supportive relationships through Maui Centenarian Club. A club where we treat each other with love, respect and compassion; we are accepting, patient, and tolerant with each other; we show interest for life, for others and for our environment. We make living longer, healthier and happier our priority.